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We specialize in aged mulch that consists of a mixture of different sized particals. The different particles of sticks, leaves, bark, and wood aid in a diverse ecosystem as opposed to plain wood chips.


We age and turn ours in the shaded woods to ensure there are no grass/weed seeds, and turning allows for an aerobic microbial life that includes fungi inoculants. It aids in water retention, and because it’s aged it will not burn your plants like some other mulch does.


Top-dress this  over your native soil mixed with compost. For gardens, we recommend 4-6 inches thick, and a foot or more thick for trees. We sell by the bag, $10/bag. Our most popular sale is $40 for a tractor scoop. One scoop is approximately a cubic yard, and 2 to 3 scoops will fit in a pickup truck bed.


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