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"For the past several years we have taken Faith Family Farm elderberry syrup. It has proven to keep us healthy and prevent colds. We love the wholesome ingredients, they taste great!"


Jason & Heather S. /

Dallas, NC


"Fantastic immune booster. Since our daily use over several seasons, we don't know what a cold is anymore! And my grandkids love its taste!"

Joan P. / Dallas, NC

Copy of StrootFinal18_edited_edited.jpg

"I bought my first bottle of elderberry syrup from Faith Family Farm last spring and I absolutely love it! Not only is it so nutritional and beneficial for your body, I love the cloves and cinnamon that enhance the flavor! I highly recommend it as a daily supplement!"

Jolie K. / Gastonia, NC

"This stuff is amazing! Tastes great and has given me more energy. I absolutely love this product."

Patricia H. / Dallas, NC


"I love the taste of this elderberry syrup, a bit of a kick and it's made with organic ingredients. The people who sell this syrup are a wonderful family."

Emily  G. / Gastonia, NC

"This elderberry syrup is SO delicious! I love its all-natural ingredients and it tastes so fresh and light! The bottle size is so generous, which is really nice. When I am sick or feeling run down, this elderberry syrup is always my first go-to for a quick save."

Lizzie S. / Boca Raton, FL

"I give Faith Family Farm elderberry syrup 5 out of 5 stars!!! It has a delicious taste, reminiscent of Christmas... with cloves and cinnamon. My son says it tastes as sweet as 'honey,' so it is easy to give to our kids (in fact, they are left wanting more). The highest quality ingredients are apparent in the taste. They use REAL honey, instead of any refined sugar or any chemically processed additives, which I appreciate.

Having long known the Stroot family, it is beautiful how authentic they are in wanting to make something good, which has helped them, and which can also help others. It is a great comfort to know I can give my family, and myself, an elderberry syrup that has only the BEST ingredients, DELICIOUS taste, and is made with LOVE."

Theresa F. / Mount Holly. NC

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"We got sick all the time last winter with our first baby and no sleep. With our second baby, we took Faith Family Farm elderberry syrup every day. A couple times, we felt a little cold starting, but with this elderberry syrup, we were over it in days. Usually, it takes two weeks to get over a cold. Best part was that we didn't have any germs to pass on to the newborn."

Frankie L. / Dallas, NC

"We LOVE this elderberry syrup! WOW! So flavorful!"

Jennifer S. / Concord, NC

"This is a great syrup - tastes delicious. Adults and kids both love!"

Cassandra S. / Peculiar, MO

Since 2015 we've grown elderberries, one of nature's most powerful superfoods, in the nutrient-dense soil of our family's small farm. Our passion is to heal the planet and its people through local sustainable agriculture. This is what we trust our family's health to, and we love to share it with yours.

~ Joel, Andrea, & kids

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